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Corsi Online Sicurezza Sul Lavoro

Studiogamma offers online courses in distance for companies and professionals interested in expanding their knowledge and improve their competitiveness in the workplace. Studiogamma work for over fifteen years in the industry and is committed to train high-level professionals with a valid course safety in the workplace.

As established by Legislative Decree no. 81/08 every security guard company shall be properly trained in order to ensure effective security of the employees and the work environment. Studiogamma takes care of the training of security managers, proposing an effective online course Legislative Decree no. 81/08.

The curriculum is broad and courses 81/08 are easily accessible online. In addition, Studiogamma offers the opportunity to receive training in-house or in the classroom, in order to meet the needs of each individual customer. Among the most popular courses are the safety course, the course coordinator and site safety courses rspp.

The courses rspp (Head of Service for Prevention and Protection) have been meticulously designed according to Article 32, paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree no. 81/08 and the State-Regions Conference of January 26, 2006. E 'was then updated respecting the L. 98/13, issued following the Decree of the "Do" DL n. 69/2013.

Executives Studiogamma offers an online course executives for sixteen hours, to learn how to manage and organize the security, identification and assessment of risks, communicate with and train their workers. At the end of the course all participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Studiogamma is also involved in the training of energy managers of the future, offering them a comprehensive online training course (with certificate recognized) lasting forty hours, thanks to which the client will learn how to maintain and rational use of energy. Staying in the energy sector, Studiogamma offers a course reserved for the energy certification of buildings and a sixteen-hour course about electrical hazards PES PAV.

Online Courses shorter, but no less important, are the ongoing stress risk (eight hours, entirely online), and the ongoing risk of noise (four hours, entirely online). Both courses are very popular and up to date Studiogamma customers have expressed very positive opinions about the service offered.

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