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Scopri la scheda Significati dei Tarocchi a leggere le carte come un esperto.

The huge contrast in the middle of Psychics and Tarologia talked about basically this: the first is a viable approach for most subjective, subject to the order completely objective.

How is it conceivable? Give us the chance to enlighten this point, as we like to think of vital importance. First, what are the systems used for tarot reading pursue as an important aspect of Astrology ? There are a few. Without entering into the value of the whole, we should say in general that there are distinctive patterns, including, the best known are:

 Draw a simple cross

 Draw a Celtic Cross

 The project said that "12" or the zodiac

How about we take an example to better do it.

In designing a basic cross (Traditional) pictured in the photo next to it, mixed the 22 major arcana are orchestrated accompaniment: 1 The paper is to be the "paper of what is good"; according to the "paper of what is opposite"; the third is the "existing condition"; fourth "what are granting us, deciding the future"; the fifth "the most ideal approach to get ahead"; the sixth, the Unseen Arcanum, the Arcanum which is deducted from the total of the past five.

This is represented in one and only of the numerous ways accessible. There are other people who feel superfluous to mention here. Suffice it to say that technical alternatives with different attributes, they take after a similar example. What are the major parts of this? After the special quality assorted, all of these paintings have two intentions that are essential:

The static

There are no strategies strategy, ie, "Ametodici"

What is meant by this? We must be clear.

The static, as the name suggests, provides for us the idea of a model yet, still, no progress. The importance of the cards placed at several key points, is "pre-packaged". For example, we realize that the first card is the special case that speaks of something good (conditional proposed model, of course); second paper something opposite; et cetera. This implies that the flipping is preordained: the meaning given in the Arcana + their position in the project = browsing results.

We characterize "assumed" the importance of Arcane based on the fact that a large portion of people who use the Tarot, not knowing the codes that are intertwined, making the overall structure, obviously can not know the true meaning dark image and long- These pictures lines.

This results in a flipping, not only personal (and the fact that you have set the criticality of the dead Arcana subjectively, as indicated by, or in the light of the fact that the diviner has done, on the assumption of their true blessings or boast mediumship, the estimate of the cards) also static and therefore extremely limited: the board in that area involves both. That's it.

The other corner identifies with the application of a system, ie the way in which it was possible to distribute the cards, no one knows who initially. To tell the truth, in essence, a strategy without system and without factory. In fact, even though some will say that it can be deduced dall'esoterista X, Y another guess, and others, moved by an inner flame convincing claim to the creators of their strategy of trust, in truth, no one can say , with certainty, the widespread legitimacy of a picture instead of an alternate.

How would it be conceivable to accurately confirm the accuracy of this explanation subjective and subjective?

We accept this methodology, which portrayed the universe of divination since the early years of the '900, (despite the fact that it has established roots, which lead us to the' 700) is fully assumed and subject to feedback.

The Tarot, where no doubt they are represented by a structure of codes and laws, logically and fairly certifiable, not only contains the explanations of all the Major Arcana in addition to the way in which it is important to be perused. To understand: when you buy something else, whatever it is, you will discover in case the manual direction. Some articles also, in particular in the design, have included, ie inside the element itself. So it is with the Tarot: the structure of the code is built, coded, "the system by browsing", ie the principles of use: that is the Tarot let us know what we should do for their use. We can call this show use the technique for investigating the Tarot.

There seems to be a distinction horrible? As you'd imagine, this really is essential realize that there is one, or use standard itself have created as one scans with the Tarot, offers a breath completely objective and it's fine for people who use them and for people who, we discuss the expert, will depend. There will be no commitment to accept the psychic, yet the tarologo show what he says, due to a strict standard and through the pictures, the drawings likely.

While the static aspects, on the other hand, the system for reading the Tarot allows a special occasion and remarkable alternative: Arcana, despite being capable of original explanation, will be further evaluated according to a model element. This implies that the characters portrayed in sharp pieces of steel together as in a theater, take that life, because of a goal of the law, exploratory, classified in the Tarot itself, the law of contemplation.

This will make the appeal to live and move in light of the fact that, as indicated by the survey, it will show the entire relationship "element", thought, feeling the various heroes of the little 'story told by the Tarot, which is essentially the life of the consultant. Basically, that poses a question as if it were the first of their existence (rehash, constantly in connection with the investigation) that will be exposed through the characters of the Tarot, he spoke before his eyes. Pin and inconceivably rich, not only in contrast with the misery most prominent of several paintings, but in an absolute sense.

Along these lines of progression is generally in progress, moving either in the light of the fact that, to represent the elements of a living reality that could not be so; is because, since the investigation of counselees badges without doubt, each req.

Lucia Spinelli
Q-code: Scopri-la-scheda-Significati-dei-Tarocchi-a-leggere-le-carte-come-un-esperto

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