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Comparing Top Hotels in the Livigno Ski Resort Area Comparing Top Hotels in the Livigno Ski Resort

The term “Top Hotels” is admittedly somewhat subjective.  Excellence is often in the eye of the beholder, be that person a customer or a hotel booking agent. The types of hotels described here all have their pros and cons. Some hotels have features that other hotels do not, and some hotels have features that other hotels also do, but one or more of these features can set a standard for excellence. Most of the hotels are within walking distance to a chairlift or cable car serving the Livigno ski resort area, but a few are not, although shuttle service is usually provided. Nevertheless, location sometimes has to be taken into account, together with prices and a number of other things that are of importance to the visitor.

Proximity to Lift Lines

One or two of the nicer hotels are located in the north part of Livigno in the Valtelline Valley area near the base of the Cassana lift line. From the Cassana lift, you can take the Valana-Vetta gondola that transports you halfway to the Italian Swiss border. You will also have access to all of the major runs in the western half of the ski resort area. The prices for rooms vary, starting at about $70 per person per night. Like many of the other hotels in the Livigno ski resort area, these hotels feature breakfast, lunch, and dinner service and a lounge and bar and Wi-Fi is available both in the guest rooms.

Hotels in Teola

Several hotels are located in and around the village of Teola, the Charme Hotel Alexander being one of them. The Charme Alexander is one of the hotels in the Livigno ski resort area that has received a large number of outstanding reviews. Teola is located in the eastern half of the resort area, and is only a short distance from the Mottolino lift, which services a number lifts and takes you to some of the longer and most interesting runs the resort has to offer. If you choose to book into the Charme Alexander, bring your swimsuit along and enjoy some of your time in the indoor heated pool. Spa services are also available.

Hotels in Livigno

If you would be in or near the center of the town of Livigno, you have a number of choices. Staying in Livigno might make sense if you’re planning to spend much of your time shopping in the duty-free stores, although the town itself is well served by several ski lifts. Several hotels in the Livigno ski resort area that feature wellness facilities. Several offer the use of free bicycles, a nice touch for the summertime visitor but a feature that is of questionable value during periods of snow and ice. Many offer discounts on lift tickets and ski rentals.

Other Features

A few hotels have services or amenities that are unique. Most, although not all, of the hotels in the ski resort livigno are provide discounts on various activities, lift tickets, or ski rentals as well as ski instruction and ready access to ski instructors. A few have free bicycles, which admittedly are of questionable use during ski season but can be nice to have during the summer season. Themed parties, such as the Charme Alexander’s Oktoberfest and the Mexican tequila part are yours to enjoy.

Ski to the Front Door

More than a few hotels in the Livigno ski resort italy are claim you can ski to their front door. When you are high in the Alps in mid-winter, this is not by any means an outlandish claim. In most instances however, when you come down off the slopes, your hotel is more often than not a very short walk away. If you bring your own skis, or are renting skis throughout your stay, most hotels have a place to store them. The Charme Alexander has heated rooms to store your skis, one heated room to each hotel room.

Author Bio :- Author is a prominent writer and a traveler too. His writings shows how minutely he describes the places. He has written many a blogs and currently he is writing about booking livigno hotel for an ease in accommodation.

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