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What to Expect in Livigno Hotels and Other Accommodations

Livigno, Italy is home to a destination resort, the Livigno Ski Resort. Because of the beautiful Alpine scenery, this little town located in an enclave that has been nearly swallowed up by nearby Switzerland is also becoming more and more of a summer destination. Added to the winter skiing and the summer scenery with its many hiking and biking possibilities, Livigno is well known as a place one can do their duty-free shopping.
The Number of Stars Isn't Always Important

Destination resorts often feature 5-star hotels, or at least very expensive hotels claiming that distinction. In Livigno, you will find a number of hotels customers have given a 4- or 5-star rating, and for good reason. It would be more accurate however to say that Livigno's hotels generally fall into the 3- to 4-star class. A 3-star hotel usually isn't all that bad, and most of the Livigno hotels holding this high a rating should be pleasant places to stay in almost all respects. If you've come to ski, and you are passionate about the sport, a 1- or 2- star hotel might serve your needs perfectly well. There are those travelers who prefer staying in a clean hostel to staying in a hotel, and in the summertime, you can always bring a tent.

Livigno Hotels Have Much to Offer

What do Livigno hotels have to offer? The answer is simply that most offer just about everything the ski vacationer needs. When there is only a short walk to one or more lift lines you certainly can't complain. The windows in many if not most of these hotels provide either scenic Alpine views or colorful views of the center of town and its many interesting shops. You can rent a room in a hotel that is comfortably nestled on a mountain slope that is only a hundred yards or so from the center of town. If you do choose one of the 4-star hotels you'll likely find all the luxury you need. Most hotels serve continental breakfasts. These aren't the cereal, toast, and pastry breakfasts you may be used to. These are Italian breakfasts, and if you haven't had a genuine Italian breakfast before, you are in for a treat.

Lunch and dinner can be a treat as well and if you don't care for what the hotel has to offer, you can always find a restaurant nearby that serves wonderful Italian meals and wonderful Italian wine. There are a number of hotels, however, that serve excellent 4-course Italian-style meals. Several top-of-the line Livigno hotels, which is to say those that deserve a 4-star ranking, feature spas and wellness facilities. One even has a swim-up bar if you are into that sort of thing. Another claims you can ski right up to the front entrance, although that is most likely a possibility with many of the hotels in the area. In fact, it's hard to say where Livigno ends and skiing begins. Many of the hotels offer discounts on lift tickets, ski rentals, and even ski lessons if you choose to stay with them. Some, but not all, cut their prices during the low-ski season, which usually consists of the first and last months of the season.

Don't Forget Summer

While the focus here has been mostly on ski vacation accommodations, it is worth mentioning that Livigno and the valley it is nestled in, has become a top-notch summer destination as well, where you can enjoy the fabulous scenery, go on hikes or treks (to Switzerland if you want to take the time) and test your skills on a mountain bike. All in all, this is a wonderful destination and you should have little trouble in choosing one of the Livigno hotels you would someday like to return to and would recommend to others.

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