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Relax, Ease your Stress, Unwind!

Well, there’s one way to ensure that you get all the rest and relaxation you need, mixed in with some adventure too of course! In Livigno, Italy, high in the Italian Alps lies the perfect ski resort, and this is without a doubt the place to rejuvenate your soul and get that adventure in too.

To make sure you don’t have to spend a fortune on booking another holiday, not that the boss will allow it, book a room at a hotel Livigno spa. If you choose a hotel with a spa, then you’re sure to get all the adventure you need on the slopes, and then get all the pampering you deserve in a hotel Livigno spa.

In Livigno, there is plenty on offer when it comes to spas, as we know that holidays are made for relaxation too! But spas are not just about relaxation, they’re all about your overall well-being and health too. You’ve spent the money on booking that holiday, and you want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you get back home.

We’ve scouted about and one of the best hotels in Livigno with a great spa is the Charme Hotel Alexander.

What makes their Spa Special?

The Charme Hotel Alexander has just completely renovated not only their hotel, but they’ve given their spa and wellness centre a total facelift too, which creates the ultimate wellness and beauty retreat which will ease the stresses and strains away from our daily busy lives.

•The newly renovated spa and wellness centre will astound you with its great design, and focus on relaxation with colours to compliment the mood of having spa treatments.
•They have extremely well trained therapists that will give you the best treatments on offer.
•They use the amazing world-renowned Comfort Zone products for the best treatments you can get.
•They offer a wide range of special treatments to choose from, so you won’t be stuck for choice.
•Besides treatments they also have a wonderful, heated pool to relax in. There is a pool just for the adults, but if you’re travelling with kids, there’s a kiddies pool too.
•If you want to chill out in a different way, head to the luxurious sauna, and let your body and mind relax.
•They also offer two Jacuzzis, for the ultimate relaxation.
•Fancy a Turkish bath; well they have it here too, for some extra special treatment. You’ll sit in a heated room which is followed by washing and scrubbing. Turkish baths have a miraculous effect on both your mental and physical state and is the perfect remedy for stress and healing of the mind. It is exceptionally soothing.
•Ever heard of an emotional shower? Well this is something truly unique and special and it’s certainly not your normal shower. It’s more like a wellness shower, where the use of water, aromas and colours are used to relax your body. The emotional shower alternates between hot and cold water, while it gently massages your body, while coloured lights and breathing in the scented essences will completely and utterly relax you. Did you know that the alternating hot and cold water is specifically created for vitality and relaxation? This is a completely unique experience which uses all your senses and gives you a feeling of total well-being.
•They also offer Kneipp Therapy which is a form of hydrotherapy. It is based on the principles of hot and cold showers, rinses, baths and compresses. The hot and cold combination widens your arteries, stimulates blood flow and the metabolic system as well as strengthening your immune system.
•Once you’ve had a nice warm sauna or relaxed in the Jacuzzi, immerse yourself in a well of cold water, to awaken your whole body.

For a completely relaxing and rejuvenating experience head to the Charme Hotel Alexander to experience some unique treatments all created for your overall health and wellness.

To Know More about ski apartments Livigno visit us


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