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Late Season Snow & Spring Skiing Livigno

If you have never been skiing in April or May under sunny skies, this year may be your chance to visit this high alpine resort for a new adventure, and if you are a dedicated spring skier Livigno is one place you should not miss on your list of special places to try.

Why Is Spring Skiing Special?

Spring skiing has its own qualities, and it is usually long time skiers who appreciate the advantages. Some of the reasons that spring skiing attracts vacationers are the discounts offered on lift passes and lodging, fewer crowds and of course warmer temperatures. But for the experienced skier, the number one reason is the type of snow found in the springtime, which is known as "corn snow" with a texture and feel that gives a completely different ski experience. Once you have spent a day skiing this soft and forgiving snow under warm and sunny skies, you will be hooked for life on this little known part of the sport.

Spring skiing in Livigno has all of these qualities, combined with a location and ambience that makes a visitor feel as though they have entered the perfect place for a skiing holiday in the Alps.

The High Altitude Destination for Late Season Snow

The resorts of Livigno stay open until May of each year, and this is partially due to the abundant and stable snowfall. The peak elevation of 3000 meters ensures that most years Livigno will enjoy a good base of snow that can last late into the season. The altitude also brings colder temperatures at night that helps to preserve the snow base even as it gets much warmer in the valley. The lower slopes at Livigno can utilize snowmaking capability when needed, and man-made snow has the ability to last longer than natural snow. These factors along with the altitude preserve the perfect snow quality, resisting the problem of "slush" snow on the lower slopes. Even on sunny days the temperature remains near freezing, so the snow base does not as melt quickly as other lower elevation resorts. Livigno will surprise the most discerning spring skier with the exact combination of elements needed for perfect late season snow.

Skiing, Shopping and Exploring Under Sunny Skies

April and May offer sunny days that are perfect for skiing, or simply strolling the village and exploring the many duty free shops that make Livigno famous. Most people agree that visiting a mountain resort is most enjoyable when the weather is mild, and the warm sun makes all activities possible. Even non-skiers can enjoy a walk through the valley in the sunshine, or spend a few hours with friends at an outdoor cafe. Sometimes the most rejuvenating part of a mountain vacation is time spent appreciating the views and relaxing in the fresh air.

In order to encourage late season visitors, some hotels will offer promotions or discounts and this can add to the attraction of a spring vacation. When combined with the reasonable prices of food and drink and duty free bargains, a spring skiing vacation in Livigno presents a great value to visitors.

Charme Hotel Alexander in Livigno: Your Spring Skiing Accommodations

The Charme Hotel Alexander is perfectly situated for your spring skiing vacation, with lovely views of the surrounding mountains and the nearby village. In a retreat like atmosphere, guests can enjoy luxury accommodations and warm days for the ideal mountain getaway. There is easy access to the ski lifts near the hotel for those heading to the slopes, and with the on-site spa, wellness center and restaurant some guests may choose to use their stay for spring-time personal rejuvenation. No matter what your reason to visit Livigno in spring, you will find the hospitality and personal attention that you need at Charme Hotel Alexander.

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